There’s some wild energies happening in the air the past few months, I feel like I’m on a surfboard riding the wave pretty well after giving myself some major space from social media and the entrepreneur world to process a loss in my life.

Right now, is ESPECIALLY the time to be upping our commitment to our reprogramming and meditation practice.

We are ascending into the fifth dimension whether we are ready or not, and we are no longer in a place where we can play small, otherwise the Universe is going to bitch slap us across the face multiple times until we get on our path of alignment and rise up and be the powerful beings that we are called (and it is our birthright) to be.

You may have been experiencing intense anxiety and fears coming up to surface. You may have felt like everything around you has been crumbling and falling away this winter. You may feel like the Universe is kicking your ass right now.

We are being forced to let go of everything that is not in alignment with our higher purpose right now.

This is where we learn new levels of surrender and trust.

This is where we need to be increasing our meditations, having more frequent chats with our intuition/guides/god/goddess/universe/whateva your flavor, taking action, doing the reprogramming work, increasing the time we spend in nature, and only doing that which makes our soul burn.

This is where we rise or we fall. This is it. Like right fucking now. So if you’ve heard the call, which I can assure you that you have because you’ve read this far so far, you gotta rise up to what you are being called to bring to this world, because the world fucking needs you and your brilliance more than ever right now.

I’m rolling with this wave, feeling pretty spectacular and hopeful right now (trust me, I had some pretty chaotic stuff move through me the past several months), even though there’s some crazy uncertainty right now in our planet and it has to do with this right here 👇🏻

Giving myself space for cellular integration in mama nature. Moving my body and spending time with my soul animal outside of the city. Reminding myself that life is easy and life is fun and everything is aligning more and more everyday.

Feeling the wild, breathing the wild, & being the wild. 🌱

Photo credit: Ines Montufo @ fotografiaemotiva

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