I craved simplicity and peace.

I let go of all the extras, all the shoulds, all the plans, the routines, I stripped everything away until I felt naked and raw.

And from that space, outside of all the noise, inside expansiveness and simplicity, I was able to feel what warmed my soul.

To create just for the joy of creating. 
Whether that be playing with a new dish in the kitchen, or creating art out of rummages from my garden, or seeing how paint pours across canvas or baking cookies to share with neighbours.

To walk in nature and get lost in the way that the branches bend, to watch the snow glitter around my dog as she runs across the field, to catch my breath as the sun sinks below the mountains and golden hour turns to purple hues.

To remember to call home when I feel the longing for familiarity, to meditate everyday and hydrate my body, to have more green juices and plenty of sleep, to wake up at the same time every morning and to bless my food with white light, to dance and shake my hips as often as I desire.

To open myself up more to my partner, to hold my rose quartz and feel so grateful for the moments of sweetness, to encode my being with positive light and love energies when I observe a negative thought pattern, to plant my seed in the quantum field and play the game of life.

And so when you are feeling like your heart is closed, simplify things, quiet the world around you, and give yourself the space to ask your heart, what is it that I really need right now?

Perhaps your heart just needs some time and space, and finding that which stirs your heart even the slightest, is your medicine to yourself.

Photo Credit: Ines Montufo @ fotografiaemotiva

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