Today I felt hopeful.
Today I felt like the sun shone on parts of me that have been cold in the shadows all winter.
I felt the warmth radiate from the inside out and the sweet smell of new beginnings hanging in the air.

You see, as my heart broke apart with a loss in my life, I went inwards. 
A hurricane of grief moved through me. Of all the unfelt losses. Of all the hard goodbyes.
Of feeling my heart ripped between two lands.

I felt like a ship being rocked at sea, and even though I didn’t know what direction the waves were throwing me,
I knew it was taking me in the right direction, but sometimes I still needed a gentle reminder that this IS part of alignment.

I gave myself permission to go still.
I sometimes needed reassurance to calm the ego’s voice.

I learned how to let my partner be my anchor,
In a time that I felt everything crumbling around me.

I shed and I unraveled and sometimes I just lay on the ground
Looking up at the sky and feeling everything and everyone falling away.

And then as my humanness slipped away and I returned to the all knowing soul space
I would have such a profound moment of realization that would shift my entire being.

I felt codes be cracked and my entire reality and awareness expand
Cosmic solar flares igniting from my heart space.

And then we start the sweet dance again between solar and lunar
As the wild within shakes all her branches loose.

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