As 2018 is drawing to a close, it’s natural for us to reflect on our accomplishments this year. You may feel like you didn’t achieve as much as you wanted to this year. You may feel frustrated with your lack of progress in your business, health, finances, and maybe even a soulmate search.

Physically, the stop and go energy of 2018 created a 2 steps forward 1 step back…sometimes 2 or 3 steps back pattern.

But mentally, and emotionally, you grew like magic. 2018 was very much about shadow work – diving into the depth of our own victimhood to clear cleanse dismiss dispell old identities and beliefs that were no longer serving us.

We had to dive into the shadows, to do the painful clearing and healing, to make space for us to come home to ourselves. To make space for us to align with our true selves.

It was in the shadows, that we released our ties to being the damsel in distress, to stepping up into our power as the queen of our lives and our future.

We had to own our shit. We had to own our story. We had to own what part we played in said story.

We crumbled and fell apart. We got all too familiar with what dirt tasted like. We would stand up long enough to get kicked back down again.

Any underlying worthiness wounds that we thought we had healed resurfaced for us to dive deeper into the layers.

We felt our ancestors. We felt our past lives. We felt the history that came before us. We felt ANGER, SADNESS, and BLISS all in one minute.

We became chain breakers. To end the cycle of scarcity, trauma, and victim mentality that has been passed on through centuries of generations.

We became strangers to ourselves. We changed and evolved and shape shifted hundreds of times.

For some of us, we would wake up one person and go to bed a different person because of how rapid the ascension and expansion process was.

We cracked open. We had to get vulnerable. We had to ask for help rather than pretending we were okay and had it all under control. We had to learn how to accept said help.

We set boundaries. Our relationships changed.

We lost people. Oh the people we lost.

We experienced ego death and destruction like no other.

It was heavy, but also magic.

The witches in us woke.

Our intuition became louder. So strong that it became painful to ignore.

We questioned everything we were being told.

We used discernment.

We practiced patience.

We learned how to surrender.

We learned how to allow.

We learned how to step into our power.

We learned how to own our worth.

We learned how to set energetic boundaries.

We learned how to open our hearts to a new level.

We learned what bliss in our bodies truly feels like.

We received downloads of ancestral wisdom.

We learned how to lean on the Divine and feel her love and support when everything around us was crumbling.

We began to create our own construct of what family and friend relationships should look.

So yeah, maybe your bank account doesn’t look what you thought it would look at this point.

Maybe you haven’t manifested your soulmate yet.

Maybe you have been between jobs all year.

Maybe your relationship with your family is more strained than ever.

But I can assure you, that the work you did on the internal level, to dive into this healing that most are too afraid to look in the mirror and take responsibility of themselves…

You made progress. You made massive quantum leaps of soul progress.

You are more YOU today than you were on January 1st.

You are more aligned today than you were on January 1st.


2019 will be the year to build bad ass empires.

2019 will be the year to quantum leap your fucking life.

2019 will be the year to call in your soulmate.

2019 will be the year to get debt free.

You put in the work QUEEN.

You said good bye to the damsel in distress, goodbye to the “princess”, and you reclaimed your power.

You activated yourself.

This is just the beginning.

I can feel it.

Let’s fucking ignite.

Let’s expand.

Let’s ascend.

Let’s embody self mastery.

Let’s live magic.

Take tonight’s New Moon in Sagittarius, to reflect on how far you have come internally, and to set your intentions of the magic you will sow 

Photo cred: Stephany Stefan

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