There will always be those who try to hush you.
They try to stuff you down and deny who you are.
They try to make you feel small for being different.
There is something in you that is triggering parts of them.
Parts that they are denying in themselves. 
Be the woman who continues to stand tall.
Who continues to own her power and her voice.
The wild woman who embraces authenticity.
Because she would rather outgrow people than stay small.

Unravel your shakti. Unbind the ropes that tied our hands.
Centuries of hiding who we were, stifling and shame around our womanhood.
They hunted and burned the witches. They drowned them and stretched them.
They were afraid then of a woman honouring her intuition and cycles of nature.
And they are still afraid. They threaten us with the loneliness of isolation.

But we’re not alone.
We are here for a reason.
We are banding together to heal this world.
Carrying the energy of our ancestors and all of the wisdom we learned over our lifetimes.

We are in the age of the feminine.
We are breaking down the past paradigms of operating in the masculine.
We are shedding old identifies and healing wounds of the women in our lineage.
We are the voice for those who couldn’t speak.

We are the goddess rising.

Photo cred: Stephany Stefan

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