“I am enough.”

The 3 words that every spirit junkie has scrawled in her journal at some point.

But what do these 3 words actually truly mean to you?

I sat and stared at the river as I pondered this today and how I perceive this in my own life.

It means that I deserve the life I am embodying.
It means that I deserve to be the woman I am embodying.

Because she is me. She is my higher self. And my higher self is available to me every second of the day because she is always part of me. Moment by moment, by choosing love over fear, I am choosing my higher self over ego. I am training my body to act and be my higher self and after creating the habit of conscious intentional decisions, compounding over time I will be her naturally. And I choose to love and accept myself when I do choose fear over love rather than feeling shame because I am perfectly imperfect and I will always be growing.

It is a practice – Each moment checking yourself with these 3 questions:

How would your higher self respond?
How would your higher self show up?
How would your higher self choose love over fear?


With love & light

xo Mary

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