She will paint in the nude, bare cheeks splattered with colour
Moonlight milks over her skin as she dances to saxophones
She is a shot of whiskey and the first sip of coffee on a cold morning
Stardust swirls through her veins and fire roars in her belly
She honours the beach to her ocean, the ocean to her beach
Mother Earth is her playground through jungles and waves
She’s got layers upon layers that very few know
At home in her skin freckled with sunshine
She only allows a man in who can handle her raw her real
The Universe is her best friend together they create
She is unattached from the norms of society, fuck the box
Self awareness self love self respect honours thyself
She is a lion’s mane and daffodil fields
Chakras aligned burning sage in the air
She chants to the call of the wolf and dances with fireflies.

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