Our traumas strengthen us, but they don’t make us.

You are your own person.

You are not your trauma.

Your trauma may have changed you.

Your trauma may have changed the vibration you operated in for a while.

Your trauma may have dimmed your light for a bit.

But always remember…You are a survivor. You are a warrior. You are still here!!

Be the light for those who’s trauma is still fresh.

Even though some days are harder than others, choose love over fear.

Every moment you are presented the opportunity to either choose fear or choose love.

Not everyday is going to be easy, not everyday will you choose love over fear, but know you have a choice.

You ARE loved, no matter how alone the trauma has made you feel, know that you truly are not alone.

Someone out there is going through the same thing, or has overcome the struggle you are experiencing.

Reach out, even when the only thing you feel like doing is hiding.

Human connection is vital.

There is power in healing with others.

Surround yourself with those that make you feel safe.

Give yourself all of the love and compassion and more.

Be gentle with yourself.

Support yourself like you would your best friend.

You have overcome so much.

So be fucking proud of yourself.

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