The first full super moon in 2018 brings us into the sign of Cancer, a water sign which will make us more intuitive and sensitive. Anything that you’ve been ignoring is going to come to full swing now to force you to deal with it. If you know you’ve been too busy and burning the candle at both ends, now is the time everything is going to crash to force you to take self care time. Nothing like an extremely flared up case of PMS that has you moody and teary eyed that forces you to take a few nights off for salt baths, reading and extra rest. Or maybe that was just me. 😉

This Full Moon will be your chance to shake off any lingering energy from 2017 by harnessing its powers to do a cleansing ritual or to cut the etheric cord connecting you to someone of your past that you want to let go.

2017 was all about massive change and in 2018 we are here to manifest and start building a foundation on the new paths that we carved in 2017. Finding balance will be a desire for many, between the masculine and feminine energy forces within us. More intentional conscious choices about how we spend our time will be needed in order to create space for our work and for our play. In order to manifest our dreams not only must we be doing (in action), we also need to just be, in order to be open to receive.

Take this full moon night to write out your intentions for the upcoming month, as well as rewrite your intentions for this upcoming year. Visualise these goals coming true and feel the emotions you will feel when you achieve them. Write out that which you are asking help from the moon’s energy to release and cleanse from yourself. Picture the moon’s light cleansing the energy that you wish to release, visualising it melting off of you into the ground. Thank the Universe and the moon for all that you are grateful for, and for assisting you in your intention setting, manifestation and energy cleansing.

Happy Full Moon you beautiful goddesses <3

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