We’re forever vulnerable
for that between a woman’s legs
together as one she rises
we hold hands heart chakras aligned

empower the voice behind she
quiet. she has something to say
took my body took my innocence
he shushed my soul shushed my spirit

but then one day she said fuck you
this is my body my shakti
no longer am I your victim
cleanse the spirit l chose acceptance

I once was a caged bird but now
i rise up scream and beat my drum
he has no power over me
’cause my love is stronger than fear

the words that pour out of my mouth
strokes of the brush on my canvas
the moves that my body creates
my soul quivers beneath the stars

I talk to the moon like a friend
acoustics feeds into my soul
home anywhere on the atlas
ocean awaken my shakti

I connect to aphrodite
We are all divine goddesses
I found the peace in my chaos
He gave me more than what he took.

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