I am calling BULL SHIT on the New Year New You fad that is going around social media right now, as it does every year before the calendar rolls over to January.

Heading into 2017, the masses claimed that 2017 would be the BEST YEAR YET and they would get fit, get out of debt, stop drinking, stop gossiping, start being nicer to people, go back to school, whatever their poison was, they were going to give it up! A day in, some didn’t even start. A week in, most that started already gave up. 3 weeks in, almost everybody had stopped even thinking about their resolutions and kept on with their normal day to day, getting no where closer to their goal than they were on December 30th.

Making these resolutions is too safe. No one truly holds you accountable for your resolutions, because they have already given up on their resolutions themselves. You just continue with your January hoping that everybody forgot what you proclaimed you were going to do, because you certainly have.

I am a firm believer that every single day, every single week and every single month is an opportunity to get clear about our “mother” goal and to break that goal down into small action steps that you will be working away at to move you toward your mother goal.

A New Year? That’s time to make a few big “mother” goals and then break down each month of the year with where your focus is going to be and what action steps you will be taking during those months. Throughout the year, keep checking in with yourself to see where you are at with things. Do this monthly, weekly, even daily.

This is a time to be making a vision board or updating the one you already have. I update mine a few times a year, and generally I make a big overhaul of my vision board at the beginning of the year. I am so excited to be taking off a few of the goals I hit this year and adding new ones!

Dream short term and long term about what you want your career, finances, spirituality, health, relationships, home and relationship with self to look like. If there are material things you are working towards, put them on the board. If you are working towards several different travel destinations, put them on the board. If you are working on your relationship and want to create a deeper soul to soul connection, put that on the board. Print out images off of the internet, cut out pictures from magazines, put photos up of yourself and your peeps that will stir up the emotional connection you have to the goal.

Vision boards are powerful in helping you manifest your desires because they help you get clear about what you truly want. They remind you of where you are going and why. They motivate you. By taking an evening to co-create with the Universe, you are upping your manifesting game. Have your vision board somewhere that you see everyday, whether it be above your computer at your desk or in your bedroom so that it’s the first thing you see when you wake up.

Not only do I have a vision board, I also have a gratitude wall which is filled with pictures of my travels and the people closest to me. When I am struggling with getting my heart place into the warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude, I spend some time looking at the wall reflecting on the happy memories. Staying in a place of gratitude speeds up the manifestation process. The more thanks you give, the more you attract into your life to be thankful for.

The Full Moon falls on New Year’s Day night. This is the perfect time to tap into the Full Moon’s energy to thank 2017 for everything it held for you, the lessons you learned, how much you grew, and to let go of anything that you don’t want to bring into 2018 with you. The energy in the air will amplify your manifesting abilities, so turn off the Netflix and take time to create a vision board and get clear about what intentions you are setting for 2018.

We are on a journey. Life doesn’t suddenly reset itself on the 1st of the 1st month of the year. We are constantly evolving. This is a time to make sure we are evolving in the right direction.

I am wishing you all a 2018 filled with abundance in all areas, because you ARE worthy of abundance in all areas!

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