When 2017 rolled around, the cosmic energy forced us to shed layers of ourselves, our truths, that which no longer served us, and we had to say goodbye (sometimes for the better, sometimes very painfully) to parts of ourselves, friends, family, our material belongings, the places we set our roots in, and basically anything that was keeping us from stepping into our new identities. 2017 held a lot of change for everyone. The December 18th New Moon in Sagittarius, is the final push in energy in 2017 to let go of the rest. Use this energy to let go of what you do not want to bring into 2018.

Sagittarius’ New Moon is fiery, energetic and passionate. Exactly what we need to push forward with what we have been working towards, to really get off the ground with our projects, and to wrap up the final chapter of healing and shedding. 2017 was about new beginnings, 2018 will be about building a foundation on the new beginning. Things are going to stabilize in 2018, so use this energy now to get a good start on that which you will be laying bricks on.

The energy is intense right now, upgrades and awakenings are happening to you and those around you as the New Moon is 1 degree from the Galactic centre – the milky way. The Galactic Center is a powerful energy source that promotes awakening and energetic upgrades. Everything is speeding up right now. You may find that your projects are rapidly moving and you are in true flow of creating.

If you’ve recently gone through a break up, let go of your past lover’s hurts and wrongs so that you can step into 2018 healed in order to be able to step into your next relationship without the baggage of the past. Write a letter to them and burn it, envisioning the energetic cord that attached your heart to theirs disintegrating into ash like the letter.

If you’ve been struggling with healing from a trauma, make this New Moon ritual your focus to finish the last bit of healing that you need so that you don’t carry it forward into the New Year. Write a letter to the person you were before the trauma, write a letter to the person you are as you have been healing through the trauma, and write a letter to the future version of you. Meditate and call upon the New Moon’s energy to help heal you and help shed the final layers of trauma you have been holding in your energy field in order to start 2018 fresh. Vision the version of yourself that you will be once the trauma is fully healed. Think of ways of how you can use your trauma to empower you, rather than hold you back. Burn the letters to signify you letting go of the energy.

This New Moon is giving you the extra push to start something new, to be able to balance stability and your routine with new adventure and thrill. You have shed what you have needed to shed this year, now is time to step into the version you have been working on becoming the past year and taking it to full fruition. This is your time of opportunity – to start a new career path, to start a new relationship, to start a new project.

You have been reborn, now it’s time to step into your next life and live it to its full potential. This New Moon promotes the balance between who you once were and who you are destined to be, by allowing you to apply all that you have learned to your old self by being a new enlightened, wiser version of yourself. The past and the future come together on this New Moon. Ask yourself, who was I once? Who am I meant to be? And who am I now?

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2 thoughts on “New Moon in Sagittarius

  1. I couldn’t agree anymore, I am a cusp Sagittarius/Scorpio. Very wise, accurate and lovely message 💜

    Posted on January 30, 2018 at 3:50 am
    1. Sending love and light

      Posted on February 10, 2018 at 2:30 am