December’s Full Moon falls on December 3rd, the same day that Mercury goes into Retrograde. December’s Full Moon in Gemini is also a Super Moon, meaning it has an even stronger energy. However, with the Mercury Retrograde, the energy will be slow paced, meaning that you may be feeling stuck or like even though you are taking steps forward, you are also taking steps backwards. This Retrograde will force you to deal with those mental blocks and untied loose ends holding you back so that you can start 2018 fresh.

2017 has been a year of new beginnings, truly shedding all of the old in order to step into the new. Perhaps the new chapter in your life is what you didn’t want, but take time on your Full Moon ritual to write out what aspects of this new chapter you are grateful for and really sit in that gratitude moving forward. I personally have shed ALL of the old, other than 2 best friends, a legal contract I’m still working on tying up, my dog, and of course my family. I have shed some friends that were no longer operating at the same vibration as me, I have shed my single womanhood (just got engaged last weekend!), I have shed my Honda Pilot and downgraded to something cheaper with more Soul (Kia Soul in fact), I shed my network marketing career as well as my part time career at a financial institute, and I am in the process of shedding living in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada to move to Europe to be with my future husband.

The energy that has been bringing huge life changes with getting rid of the old to bring in the new will begin to fade, and soon we will all be settled into our new roles and new chapters. Take this time to celebrate everything that has come into fruition, celebrate the fact that you made it through those life changes even if they were painful, and celebrate the fact that calmness and stability is around the corner in the New Year. Negativity may be amplified in this time, it is up to you to focus on the good and celebrate it fully.

This Full Moon is also about truth. If there is truth that needs to come to surface in your relationships, career, or even with yourself, now is the time that it will reveal itself. With Mercury being in retrograde, you may find yourself feeling very reactive to truths that do surface, so be sure to really think about what you say before you say it. Speak your truth, tap into your soul, and be careful of words that are defensive and ego driven. Be open to what comes to surface. Truth, even though it may be painful, gives us space to forgive, heal and move forward.

Stress before the holidays gets to most of us, with the Mercury Retrograde and truth’s coming forward, drama can be at an all time high – it is up to you to manage your energy around it and decide how much you play into it. Watch your words, up the self care, and enjoy the season of preparation for Christmas. Be grateful for those moments with the twinkling lights and a cup of tea, enjoy those moments of love and laughter with friends and family, and fortunately Mercury Retrograde will be wrapping up on the 22nd, a few days before the big day.

Happy Full Moon <3

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