Scorpio is a deeply emotional water sign, it is all about death and rebirth. Scorpios love to reinvent themselves. As a Scorpio myself, I have said “Fuck it,” and completely threw out my life to start a whole new one several times in the last 10 years. This New Moon is all about shedding the layers of the old to rebirth ourselves. This isn’t something that will happen overnight on Saturday, in fact, chances are you have been shedding layers of the old that no longer serves you since the Full Moon in Scorpio back in May of this year.


Where were you in May? What were you going through? What have you been releasing the past 6 months? I know my life lesson in this time on this planet is all about surrendering. In May, I went through a trauma in the Dominican. I have had a lot of reflection on WHY I went through this trauma. What deep seated beliefs was I holding onto that had me at such a low vibration that attracted this trauma into my life? The Universe sent a trauma my way, to force me to shed all of my old life in order to help shape me into the person I am destined to be for my next path that I’m working on stepping into.

Everything seemed to be happening all at once after the trauma, my dog got sick making me accept the fact that life and death are out of my control, and there was a chance that she wouldn’t be moving forward onto my next chapter of moving to Europe.

A year and a half ago, I walked away from a very materialistic lifestyle. I pretty much set fire to white picket fence that I was living behind and ran so far away with multiple plane tickets in my hand. I stepped into the minimalist lifestyle in order to be able to travel often. The only thing I really took was my dog and my SUV. My SUV was the last tie that I had to the materialistic side of me that once consumed me. A few months ago, my SUV got ran into in a senseless car accident that was such a fluke, it made me really examine as to WHY this happened. It was a message from the Universe to let this last piece of materialism out of my life.

The legal separation from a narcissist from my past turned an even darker direction as his true shadow self was revealed. I had to learn to truly surrender to the situation and choose my higher self over fighting for my rights in the court room because my spirit and where I was mentally with my PTSD could no longer handle standing strong against the toxicity that comes with dealing with someone so angry.

My part time job that I had been at for 4 years, which was really my “safety net” to pay my bills as I stepped into entrepreneurism, ended in June because the company I worked for did some restructuring and eliminated a few positions, mine being one of them. This kicked me full force into entrepreneurism, kicking me down a path that I had talked about for years but hadn’t gone full force with it yet.

I also lost a dear friend of mine, because no matter how hard we tried to make our friendship work, we just were operating at a different vibration and we kept butting heads. Our friendship was meant to only serve a chapter to teach us lessons, and shedding that friendship has been part of me shedding my old belief systems.

The last 6 months has been a lot of painful shedding, but in the process, it is also preparing me for the next thing – life coaching and I feel pulled towards writing a book and public speaking. It’s been 6 months of grieving – grieving the old version of me, grieving the trauma, grieving my old life, grieving the loss of a friendship. Now is the time for me to step into the next chapter.

Ask yourself, what is it that you need to grieve, that you need to accept and that you need to let go of to allow you to move on to the next thing? Reflect on all that you have been through this past 6 months and celebrate the fact that you are still here trucking along. With this New Moon’s energy, you will have the opportunity to rise. To rise above the ashes of the layers, to rise above the pain, the traumas, the old relationships, the old you. You are the phoenix.

It’s time to be reborn, how are you going to move forward with this?

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