We all could use more balance in our lives. Balancing between work life, home life, me time, relationship, friends, family… not to mention the fact that each day we are trying to drink plenty of water, exercise, eat clean, sleep well, stay mindful and present all while our phones are dinging and the tv is in the background and our kids are screaming for their breakfast. It’s no wonder we are over stimulated, feeling scattered and our energy is drained all the time!

This New Moon is all about finding the balance in our lives again in all aspects. New Moon is always a time to plant seeds and set your intention for the coming month, which you will start to see the shift and the manifestation taking place come the full moon. The Libra New Moon’s energy is extremely powerful to co-create with you and bring to fruition your deepest desires. This particular New Moon has an abrasive energy, meaning if you are feeling edgy, scattered and overwhelmed, the energy is pushing you to get grounded in order to find your balance.

Perhaps you are being pulled in too many directions – now is the time to get clear of where your energy is leaking and learn how to set boundaries with people in your life as well as boundaries in your own schedule. Constantly spreading yourself out too thin will lead to a downward spiral of overwhelm and the New Moon energy will send events your way that will shake you up in order to push you to the point that you have no choice but to make some changes.

This is a time of self reflection and self awareness for you to recognize what areas of your life could be more balanced including your relationships. With some, you may be giving too much, whereas with others you know you could give more. Really focus on putting yourself in other’s shoes when you are reflecting on your connection with your loved ones. Are you being overbearing? Are you putting too much of your problems on others? Are you saying “yes” too much when you just don’t have the space to give right now? Are you seeing their point of view in a conflict that you just can’t seem to settle?

By finding balance again, we can move forward with creating that magic in your life, business and relationships as energy flows more fluidly. Take some time on October 19th to do some journalling around this topic. Here are some questions to help you find clarity:

My current energy leaks are:  (e.g. Messy house. Too many appointments. People pleasing etc.) 

The activities I do that replenishes my energy: (e.g. Dancing. Self Care Activities. Exercise. Painting. Meditation etc.)
How many times a week and for how long am I doing these energy replenishing activities: 

What are my expectations in others?:

Am I being fair in these expectations?: 
What expectations do I have in myself?: 
Am I being fair to myself with these expectations?: 
Which relationships do I need to get clear about boundaries?: 

What can I cut out of my schedule that is overwhelming me and not moving me forward towards my goal?: 

What can I start doing everyday for 10 minutes to create space to ground myself?:

I am going to focus on 1 thing for the next 2 weeks to clear an energy leak, what is it?:

No matter what you do on October 19th, make sure you take some time for yourself. We can only operate this way for so long before things begin to crash and burn.


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One thought on “New Moon in Libra October 19 2017

  1. Good one, Mary. I miss jogging. It has been awhile. I hope I will start again this week. Have a great day. 😌

    Posted on October 18, 2017 at 3:47 pm