Happy Full Moon you magical beautiful creatures 

The beautiful Harvest Full Moon is in the fire sign of Aries. Last month, the energy was all about rest, reflection, and not making any rash decisions or starting any new projects.

This month’s moon is a time for us to move forward with our projects, our creations and our lives. We must recognize that we will always have obstacles coming up, but now is the time to step into our masculine energy to make shit happen!

This full moon urges us to find a balance in our relationships. Aries brings out the independence in us, whereas the sun in Libra brings out the need for relationships. Conflict will arise if you do not water these both equally. Find that balance for your own hobbies, projects and alone time while ensuring you are spending time with your loved ones. You will feel the push pull effect with having the moon in Aries of independence and the Sun in Libra of relationships.

You may also be feeling the term I use often.. “flighty”. You may be resisting where your roots are settled, or you are resisting the urge to root down. You may all of a sudden feel the need to travel or move your entire life.

You are feeling impulsive, your free spirit is stirring, you are feeling daring and want to take risks, you are feeling like embracing your inner entrepreneur and carving a new path for yourself, you are craving the need for adventure.

Take this time to try something new or to dive into that project you have been talking about doing for a while now. Now is the time to dive into into that huge decision that you have been afraid to make because the moon’s energy will embrace you and give you the fearlessness that you need.

The full moon is as 12:40 pm in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Take some time to journal out some goals, some new things you want to try, and set a date night with your loved one or with a friend.

Enjoy the magic in the air 

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One thought on “October 5th Full Moon in Aries

  1. You are a very gifted women and using every bit of it ..love you my girl .happy Travels …

    Posted on October 5, 2017 at 4:33 pm